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Executive Coaching Case Study

Supporting a promoted executive through Executive Coaching

The Issue

Having been approached to provide an Executive Assessment service for the client to support internal hires, the resulting promoted candidate needed help to reach the right level in terms of his soft skills, strategy expertise and strategic thinking. Executive Coaching was identified as the solution.

Already acquainted with the candidate, Ramsey Hall director Matthew Davis arranged three whole-day executive coaching sessions in which a mixture of pre planned soft/emotional intelligence and leadership skills development were combined with bespoke learning around the candidate’s expressed needs. Executive coaching was therefore, designed to be bespoke around requirements.

Executive Coaching

As a result of the initial discussion Matthew was able to respond to the candidate’s wish to discuss his strategy development and strategic thinking processes with a day and a half intensive executive coaching. This looked at strategy development (well known tools and models included) and the difference between operational and strategic thinking.

The programme also involved reflective learning around how decisions should be made and the importance of gaining ‘buy in’ from all stakeholders and especially from the senior and operational teams. The candidate freely admitted that he was prone to making assumptions which were often unfounded and assuming decisions had been taken when they clearly had not. He was also able to use the strategy framework to develop strategic questions for discussion and latterly tactical implementation plans.

The remaining sessions incorporated psychometric feedback, development planning and practical leadership coaching.

The Outcome

The results were in the candidate’s own words ‘transformational’ in that he totally reappraised his decision making and thought processes and rebuilt his soft behavioural skills in the light of the emotional intelligence and leadership discussions.  This enabled him to focus on improving the way he communicated, set strategy and managed expectations.  Moreover, executive coaching helped improve employee engagement. This in turn had a positive effect on performance and productivity.

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