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 People & Change

Achieving positive change even in the most complex situations

Ultimately, for every organisation that wants to remain at the cutting edge of their sector. Organisational change, continuous improvement, and world-class work practices are an ongoing reality. However, this is especially true in the current climate. Where, above all, aligning organisational design with corporate strategy has never been more critical as organisations strive to achieve high performance.

Experts since 1991

As a result, Ramsey Hall was founded to support organisations and individuals going through, first and foremost, workplace change. As a consequence, for over 25 years our consultants have helped clients globally identify, and ultimately remove, barriers to change. However seemingly incidental. At the same time, we empower organisations worldwide to successfully navigate the complex change process. In addition to providing objective support and expert people management throughout the transition period.

The Ramsey Hall approach to People & Change

First and foremost our team:

Takes time to understand our client’s business strategy and approach
Benchmarks client practices against competitors’ and best in class models
Diagnose the current climate and identifies “sponsors and change blockers”
Reports findings alongside practical improvement ideas
Create change programmes that are sustainable and help achieve high performance.





Typical People & Change Situations:

Operational excellence, improvement & lean methodologies

Above all our change management offer supports and organisational improvement at all levels. Moreover, we diagnose where lean methodologies have failed to deliver. In the same way, our ground-breaking research has studied the dynamics of numerous underachieving organisations. Consequently helping to identify why operational results disappointed or failed to sustain.

For this reason, our team advise on the people and change aspects of lean methodologies, six sigma and, presently, operational excellence across all sectors. As a matter of fact, we’re deeply familiar with continuous improvement methodologies. For instance, the skills, and behavioural competencies needed for productivity. Often, this is complimented by leadership development. This helps support managers and leaders in times of change.

Instilling a Safety First Culture

First and foremost, Ramsey Hall works with clients to transform health & safety standards. Ultimately from basic compliance to Safety First Cultures. For this reason, our training is based on “behavioural safety”. Which as a consequence is proven to improve SHE behaviours and best practice.

To see how we helped a global defence contractor identify SHE behaviours against their Safety Maturity Matrix (SMM) see our sister site The OPG. In the same way, our team also developed bespoke systems for the client. Consequently taking the apprentice selection and training schemes to a world-class level (click here).

Organisational redesign

Many organisations find themselves vulnerable to pressures on margins and productivity. No doubt because they haven’t adapted to changes in the macro or local economy. As a result, Ramsey Hall’s People & Change team work with clients to identify waste and duplication. Ultimately advising on appropriate Target Operating Models.

In fact, for the most part, traditional hierarchical management structures are outdated. And therefore ineffective in meeting today’s organisational needs. For this reason, Ramsey Hall’s Development team specialise in structural redesign. Consequently, delivering insight that improves productivity using objective data-driven techniques.

To see how Ramsey Hall helped a charity rethink their structure and moreover their cost base (click here).

Organisational Development

Organisational Development (OD) systematically improves organisational effectiveness. Aligning strategy, people and processes

A growing reputation

Ramsey Hall has a growing reputation in the OD consulting market. Recent projects include large scale restructuring, organisational performance development, and organisational redesigns.

Our team of performance management experts, business psychologists and seasoned leaders start with an objective assessment of your organisation. Then, using the findings, we design tactical solutions aimed at improving performance. Following benchmarking and data analysis to help clients embed positive change.

As a result, Ramsey Hall has published extensive data around organisational change and performance, which you are invited to download.

Some of our recent projects include:

  1. Identifying why lean manufacturing often fails to deliver lasting results for large scale operations.


  1. Designing a competency framework, recruitment process and performance management system for a manufacturing group. Ultimately as part of an operational excellence programme.


  1. Advising a global pharmaceutical manufacturer on organisational redesign. Consequently, aligning their commercial organisation with a new Key Account Management (KAM) structure.
  • Online psychometric assessment (OPG)
  • Assessment & Development centres
  • Leadership Development
  • Performance management

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