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You are about to merge or acquire
a new business, yet do you fully
understand the capability of
the leadership team? Culturally,
technically, behaviourally – do
they have the leadership skills to
facilitate a seamless transition
and guide the new organisation
through a huge period of change?
Have you taken steps to mitigate
Ramsey Hall Group ofers a range of consultancy
services that beneft organisations of all sizes, nationally
and internationally, in managing the process of due
diligence. With a strong pedigree across the full
spectrum of HR and business management activities,
our organisation delivers expertise that assists
companies during mergers and acquisitions.
Management Due Diligence
Whether a merger or an acquisition, investors must
have the confdence that the asset of their investment,
namely the people, and in particular, the leadership
team, has the capability to deliver the business plan
and realise synergies. Minimising risk in this area is
critical to long term success and seamless integration.
In our experience, too many due diligence exercises
fail to take the ‘people angle’ into account or give it the
consideration necessary to avoid wider problems for
the future. When this is against a backdrop of ‘people
are our most important asset’, this is not only surprising
but also raises cause for concern.
Our management due diligence process gives fnancial
sponsors critical insight (pre-investment) into the
capabilities of the senior management team in question.
Through the use of leading edge assessment technology
and consultancy expertise, we scrutinise their abilities,
strategies and competencies and map these against
best practice models. We identify the strengths, the
weaknesses, the intelligence and information to
present robust documentation around the calibre of the
team. Not only does this approach provide exhaustive
analysis, it also provides clear recommendations upon
which decisions can be made with confdence.
As part of our board and management assessment
programmes, we also provide a range of executive
assessment and development services aimed at ensuring
that vendor organisations have the creditable leadership
in place that can attract investment for the future.
A Ramsey Hall due diligence programme provides
investors with a powerful and insightful comparison of
the capability and potential of the management team.
This evaluation is mapped against relevant industry
benchmarks clearly identifying gaps and possible
development interventions that may be required.
Additionally, working alongside our Executive Search
teams, we can provide a list of potential business
leaders from which to compare.